First Girl I Loved (2016) IMDb: 5.6
First Girl I Loved (2016)

First Girl I Loved Full Movie Watch Online, Free Movies Streaming, Full Length English Subtitles Movie in HD Seventeen-year-old Anne just fell in love with Sasha, the most popular girl at ......

5.6 Average
The Vessel (2016) IMDb: 6.7
The Vessel (2016)

Watch The VesselĀ  Full Movie Streaming Online With English Subtitles. Ten years after a tsunami destroyed a small-town elementary school with all the children inside, a young man builds a mysterious ......

6.7 Average
Ava’s Impossible Things (2016) IMDb: 6.2
Ava’s Impossible Things (2016)

Watch Ava's Impossible Things Full Movie Streaming Online Ava and her mother Faye are bonded by many things...unconditional love, a passion for the arts, a belief that magic exists, and an ......

6.2 Average
Justice League Dark (2017) IMDb: 9.2
Justice League Dark (2017) ,

Watch Justice League Dark Full Movie Streaming Online Justice League Dark is what it sounds like. It's the dark side of justice. A group of supernatural heroes who band together loosely ......

9.2 Average
American Pastoral (2016) IMDb: 6.2
American Pastoral (2016)

Watch American Pastoral Full Movie Streaming Online With English Subtitles. Seymour Levov, going by the nickname of 'Swede' in the Jewish community he was born into, was even more of an ......

6.2 Average
Ghostheads (2016) IMDb: 6.1
Ghostheads (2016)

Ghostheads Full Movie Watch Online Ghostheads is a documentary that explores the extreme side of the Ghostbusters fandom, and looks back at the impact the franchise has had on the world ......

6.1 Average
Nine Miles Down (2009) IMDb: 5.5
Nine Miles Down (2009)

Nine Miles Down Full Movie Watch Online In the Sahara desert, a sandstorm batters a deserted drilling station. Thomas "Jack" Jackman a security patrolman, battles through the high winds to find ......

5.5 Average
The Devil in Me (2012) IMDb: 4.2
The Devil in Me (2012)

Watch The Devil in Me Full Movie Streaming Online This movie is about Alex, a returning college student who moves in with her girlfriends after the holidays. They go out and ......

4.2 Average
Run Silent Run Deep (1958) IMDb: 7.4
Run Silent Run Deep (1958)

Watch Run Silent Run Deep Full Movie Streaming Online The captain of a submarine sunk by the Japanese during WWII is finally given a chance to skipper another sub after a ......

7.4 Average
Night Bus (2014) IMDb: 6.7
Night Bus (2014)

Watch Night Bus Full Movie Streaming Online With English Subtitles. Night Bus is a feature length film based entirely on a London Night Bus. It is a dialogue led, character based ......

6.7 Average
Man in the Wilderness (1971) IMDb: 6.9
Man in the Wilderness (1971)

Man in the Wilderness Full Length Movie Watch Online, Free Movies Streaming In the early 1800's, a group of fur trappers and Indian traders are returning with their goods to civilisation ......

6.9 Average
The Woodsman (2004) IMDb: 7.2
The Woodsman (2004)

The Woodsman Full Movie Watch Online After twelve years in prison, Walter arrives in an unnamed city, moves into a small apartment across the street from an elementary school, gets a ......

7.2 Average
After Words (2015) IMDb: 6.4
After Words (2015)

After Words Full Length Movie Watch Online, Free Movies Streaming Marcia Gay Harden stars as a librarian who attempts to escape her mid-life crisis by traveling to Costa Rica. There she ......

6.4 Average
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) IMDb: 7.2
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

Watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Full Movie Streaming Online With English Subtitles. The oceans during the late 1860-92s are no longer safe; many ships have been lost. Sailors have returned ......

7.2 Average
A Common Man (2013) IMDb: 4.7
A Common Man (2013)

Watch A Common Man Full Movie Streaming Online With English Subtitles. A terrorist plants several bombs throughout the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka and threatens to detonate them unless prisoners are ......

4.7 Average